Apropos Consultant & Service Pvt. Ltd.

Apropos Consultant & Service Pvt. Ltd. serves on various issues relating to Human Resources and Statutory Compliance. It has a sharp focus on different on-going requirements to implement, maintain and resolve the issues on Statutory Compliance and jobs related to Tax & Regulatory Services.

The Company has come of age with more than 25 years of experience in statutory laws and Tax & Regulatory Services assignment. It is privileged with active support from an experienced group of Advocates and CA with exposures in different domains.

Our multi-disciplinary team of dedicated professionals possessing core expertise and skills catering to provide services in relation to Legal opinion, Labour Law compliances review and audit, Tax & Regulatory Services etc. including Audit of compliances of organization’s offices, branch offices, compliances of the vendors, associates etc.

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Apropos Professional Educare Pvt. Ltd.

Apropos Professional Educare Pvt. Ltd.'s journey to success began with a dream, a dream to bring Compliance, Accounts and people together in a way that would allow the world to reap the benefits of these education. To turn this dream into reality we needed to create a talent pool of bright young minds who would power the engines of growth of the organisations compliance & economy.

An institute is recognised by the demand for its students in the industry. That is why, we at Apropos Professional Educare Pvt. Ltd. have an industry collaboration division with an unmatched track record in helping young aspirants find their dream careers. In fact, Apropos Educare Pvt. Ltd. has been rated as the first choice of employers now.

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Apropos Outsource Management Services

Apropos Outsource Management Services is an emerging leader in Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) and Knowledge Process Outsouring (KPO). Our service gives you a scalable, cost-effective and high quality resource to take care of lower value legal work – giving your experienced lawyers more time to invest in the more profitable aspects of case work. We at Apropos Outsource Management Services,

  • Help corporate legal department improve processes to generate more value.
  • Help corporate to get more strategic value out of day-to-day work, while also enabling to track metrics and measure efficiency.
  • Have possesed the consulting prowess to identify how corporates can optimize without compromising on quality of work.

With the current highly competitive market scenario, many corporates and organizations are making the choice to focus on core competency areas and outsource all other non-core areas. This gives them the advantage of minimizing their costs, improving their efficiencies and shifting the focus onto other key growth areas of the business activity. Outsourcing knowledge-based services offer companiescorporates greater benefits as they provide domain-based processes and advanced analytical skills, rather than just process expertise.

Apropos Outsource Management Services offer the KPO services in the following domains:

  • Learning Solutions in the field of HR & Taxation
  • Legal Services
  • Training & Consultancy
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